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About Galland Henning Nopak / History


Over 100 years of manufacturing NOPAK™ hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, Galland Henning scrap processing equipment, hydraulic boosters, and solenoid valves.

Our company was started in 1887 when Robert Nunnemacher and his associates obtained the American manufacturing rights to produce pneumatic malting equipment and founded the Galland-Henning Pneumatic Malting Drum Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company focused on a variety of malting equipment, as well as the ambitious and successful design and production of entire malt houses. We also diversified by designing and producing the earliest models of hydraulic balers. The company flourished and expanded through World War I right up until Prohibition became the law of the land. This was a major setback for the malting business and forced the company to rapidly develop other products like rock crushers, cider presses, concrete mixers, and hydraulic pipe benders.

Despite the difficulties that Prohibition brought to our company, Galland-Henning was able to weather the storm and gain success in our new industries, particularly in scrap processing. Our engineers contributed substantially to the scrap industry's growth by pioneering the triple compression press. This allowed whole auto bodies to be densely compressed for better smelting, relieving the need to break up or torch the bodies as had been done previously. These ever larger balers necessitated the replacement of the manually operated control valves with pneumatic pilot circuits imposed on the master hydraulic circuit, and thus was born NOPAK air control valves and double-acting cylinders.

The term NOPAK, which aptly describes the original packless air control valves, was copyrighted and has always implied NO WEAR and NO WORRY. The phenomenal growth and success of the NOPAK line ultimately lead to the company changing its name to Galland Henning NOPAK ,Inc.

Today, we proudly continue our heritage of producing our Galland Henning balers, the highest quality and most dependable scrap processing equipment in the industry, and our full line of NOPAK hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and valves. Our distributors span North America, including Alaska and Puerto Rico. We are a proud member of the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Reliable and durable, our products provide unsurpassed value and prevent unscheduled downtime in your fluid power applications. They are suitable for use in aggregate processing, water management, aluminum production, can manufacturing, scrap recycling applications, and multiple other custom applications.

Every Galland Henning NOPAK™ product is tested for material quality and workmanship and carries with it over 100 years of pride and excellence.

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