In the beginning

Galland Henning Nopak, Inc. started in 1887 when Robert Nunnemacher obtained the American manufacturing rights to pneumatic malting equipment. He opened Galland-Henning Pneumatic Malting Drum Manufacturing Company (GH) in the heart of Milwaukee, WI. For 33 years, we produced a variety of malting equipment for some of the biggest names in beer but when Prohibition hit in 1920 production screeched to a halt. We were failing fast and began manufacturing various products to try and stay afloat. Eventually one stuck, the scrap metal baler. The balers, and a decrease in pay rate, got us through the Great Depression with only $300,000 in debt. Then in 1932 President Franklin D. Roosevelt repealed the Prohibition Laws, and the malt beer companies came running for new versions of their trusted GH malting products.


While bringing beer back to Brew City we knew we could not let our GH balers fall to the side. We continued to engineer our top of the line triple compression presses and eventually reached a size that could swallow whole auto bodies. Through testing and development we found these larger balers required the manual operations to be replaced with pneumatic pilot circuits. This innovation brought us the Nopak line of air control valves and double-acting cylinders. By 1939 Galland Henning Mfg. Co.’s debt was paid off and we have since been debt free. Over the next 50 years all operations were moved to the West Milwaukee, WI facility where the Nopak line continued to grow. Eventually we changed our name to include this new work horse and became Galland Henning Nopak, Inc. (GHN).

Current Day

Today, we proudly continue to produce balers alongside cylinders and valves. We have increased our workforce and workload exponentially and have moved to a new world headquarters in Franklin, WI. The building sits at 56,000 square feet on a 6.1 acre lot giving us incredible opportunity for further expansion. The whole Galland Henning Nopak, Inc. family is excited to bring GHN’s time-tested values into today’s technological world.

Interested in learning more?

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