Double Solenoid Valve

Nopak Matic Solenoid Valves are designed to be compact, rugged and economically priced to solve the most demanding solenoid pilot operated air valve applications.

Available in: Valves
  • “Flow Director” Pilot Head: simplifies piping and makes desired valve operation simply by piping to the proper port.

    Interchangeable Pilot Heads: any pilot head fits any valve, regardless of type or size

    Solenoids: Low amperage, cotinuously rated industrial-type with hardened plunger faces.

    Replaceable, Self-Cleaning Seats: fast and inexpensive replacement of all seats. Poppets do not seat on valve body.

    Positive Sealing: resilient, bonded poppet seals ensure leak-proof operation and long life.

    Rapid Response: valve shifts in less than 0.05 of a second.

    Full Flow: All passages over-sized for minimum pressure drop through the valve (up to 1″)

    No Springs: Piston-poppets shift with air pressure

    Light Weight, Compact Design: Aluminum used extensively and smaller overall dimensions. Every model has a clean, neat appearance that compliments modern machine design.

    Corrosion Resistant: All materials are corrosion resistant

    Parts Interchangeability: Design allows maximum parts interchangeability from one valve to another; and perfect “non-selected” fit of factory shipped maintenance parts.

    Simplified Piping: exclusive “Flow-Director” allows piping with fewer fittings and makes fewer valves adaptable to more applications.


    • Indicator Light
    • Heavy Duty Coils
    • Oil Immersed Solenoids
    • Bottom Port Bases, at extra cost
    • Vaccuum Operation option
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