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Hydraulic flow control valves, 3 & 4 way solenoid valves, foot valves, plus hand control valves for trouble-free, precision control and pressure sealing

We provide pneumatic and hydraulic directional control valves in 2, 3, and 4 way configurations. With a cast iron body as well as cast or forged bronze discs, these hand valves are tough when compared to valves with plastic parts. Our disk type valves handle air and oil pressures of up to 250 PSI. Additionally, we also provide a range of control accessories for our V valves.

Air control valves or solenoid valves are available in two different configurations. The NOPAK™ "V" valve uses a slide action, which is ideal for high airflow systems. The Nopak-Matic is a "poppet-type" solenoid valve. Our compact Flotrol valves require minimum space and can be easily installed in production lines. Constructed from rust and corrosion resistant materials, these valves are compliant with most industrial fluids.

For pneumatic or low-pressure hydraulic applications, our flow control valves have "tweaking" features to control cylinder or motor speed. They provide free flow in one direction and metering in the other direction, from maximum flow to complete shut off.

Our foot valves come in lapped disc type designs similar to hand valves, but have a foot treadle control externally. We provide three different models of foot valves namely Model R, Model F, and Model RN. They feature unique functions such as spring centering and single direction ratcheted "on / off" action with pedal movement.

We manufacture the following types of valves:

  • Hand Valves - Disc Type (2, 3, 4-way valves, Panel Mount Valves)
  • Foot Valves - Disc Type (Models - R, F, RN, and F Solenoid Valves)
  • Flotrol Valves
  • Nopakmatic
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